Tax litigation

Which action  ?

In case of tax litigation, the first duty of the tax lawyer is to reassure and help his client in dealing with the French authorities during a tax audit. This is done by checking personal tax returns and accounting records.

Once the tax audit is set in motion, more often than not a tax adjustment arises and my role is therefore to :

  • draw up a written reply to the administration regarding the adjustment,
  • meet with the appropriate authority to try to come to an agreement,
  • defend the case before the Departmental Commission,
  • file a defense with the Director of the appropriate tax administration,
  • defend my client before the appropriate Court (civil or administrative).

Please note that it is often possible to negotiate with the French administration either the final amount to be paid or a reduction in penalties or interest claimed.

Who are my clients  ?

My client base is particularly diverse :

  • all types of companies (SARL, SAS, SA, SCI...),
  • individuals (both French and non-French residents),
  • associations.

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