Tax litigation

  • a small bakery's accounting was reviewed by the Tax Department and its profit recalculated. The amount in question was around 900 000 euros. Thorough examination of the file revealed numerous errors made by the Department which dropped part of the claim during the pre-litigation procedure and the rest, after the Administrative Court procedure,
  • one of my clients received a letter from the Tax Department concerning a back claim for 30 000 euros, for income and local tax. I took the matter up with the appropriate Department which led to the case being dropped as time-barred,
  • I was asked to negotiate with the Tax Department regarding a tax readjustment of 70 000 euros. The amount owed was reduced to 30 000 euros,
  • The Tax Department was investigating a client's income arising from internet sales claiming 80 000 euros in tax and VAT readjustments. After negotiations, this adjustment was reduced to 13 000 euros.

Each of these cases requires careful and thorough attention, more often than not bringing to light technical irregularities and/or errors in the Tax Department's reassessing of calculations.

Timely negotiations can also help to obtain reductions in tax reassessments.

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